Trust the Process

If you didn’t get a chance to take a look at my last article, feel free to check it out here.  Most of today was, pretty much, filled with speakers and attendees sharing pictures and take-a-ways from the conference.  As one of the co-founders, I really didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy the event like the attendees.  There were mishaps with communication, a sick keynote, and many other things.  The RSVP’s didn’t match up with the number in attendance, and they never do.  But, don’t get me wrong!  What I took away from the event is to TRUST THE PROCESS.  Yes, I realize that typing in all caps has a particular meaning. But, I don’t care! The conference was off the chain!

All too often, we get caught up in the details at the expense of the overall goal. We idolize the minute details, while ignoring the big picture.  The details serve a purpose to get us to the destination.  The finished product.  Why don’t we always have the faith to believe the outcome will happen, exactly, as it is meant to happen?  TRUST THE PROCESS means to let go of everything that you don’t have control over in the moment.  The band might not be able to make it.  OK!  Where do we go from this point?  Breathe and relax!  Guess what? They were able to make it after all.  What do you mean the closing keynote is sick?  No worries! Dude on the team is an amazing speaker, and ready to fill in the need.  And, he showed up and showed out for us!

Isn’t that what life is all about? Something unexpected happens, then you assess the situation and respond. Adapt and overcome! Recognize that change might become a part of your process. When soldiers are in combat and things start to get stressful, they breathe. Why? To gain control of their emotions in order to assess the situation and make appropriate decisions.  The more chaotic the situation, the calmer you need to be in that situation.  That allows you the ability to gain clarity, which lends itself to being able to TRUST THE PROCESS.

Now, I’m not saying to neglect the details.  That is part of the process.  You can’t make a cake without all the ingredients. You can’t fix a car without the necessary parts. The details serve a purpose. Just don’t get fixated on them! The blueprint is not the actual building! It’s your guide along the journey! So, sit back and enjoy the ride! That’s what we ultimately did…at the celebration dinner! Always, TRUST THE PROCESS.

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